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Freebies, Opinions, Web Development, WordPress Posted on5 years ago

Why I choose WordPress over other CMS platforms

This post has come about after being sent an article by a friend who was questioning ..

Freelancing, Networking, News, Web Development, WordPress, Work From Home Posted on6 years ago

Invaluable lessons learnt at WordCamp Sydney

The beauty of attending a WordCamp event is not only all the new things you learn ab ..

Search Engine Optimisation, Tutorials, Web Development, WordPress Posted on6 years ago

Search Engine Optimisation Basics at WordCamp Sydney

This year I decided to push myself even further outside of my comfort zone by volunt ..

Top 5 online security tips

The fact that plays the primary role in the continued success of hackers is a lack of awareness and vigilance on the part of computer system users and website owners. People who still use “password” as their password, and those who have extremely outdated software are the ones who encourage hackers. Many people still remain blind to their own vulnerabilities …

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